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Mounties club saves up to 50% on air-conditioning with SkyCool thermal roof coatings

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article image Mounties Mt Pritchard recently applied SkyCool thermal roof coatings

By applying SkyCool thermal coating to the roof of the Mounties club in Mt Pritchard, NSW, the club was able to reduce the heat load of the building, which was transferred into much welcomed savings on air-conditioning costs. 

Club Managers are constantly under pressure to cut costs without having to down size staff, charge more for membership, or put off renovations. Mounties Mt Pritchard Club Manager, Greg Pickering, found a way of cutting costs however, by joining other clubs, schools and large corporate shopping centres who have all experienced savings of thousands of dollars on their electrity bills by having SkyCool thermal coatings applied to the building.

“Over the first two-and-a-half years after the coating was completed, we saw a definite reduction in the heat load of our building and this has transferred itself into much welcomed monetary savings,” says Pickering.

“The company’s conduct and commitment to service throughout the process of the treatment was also both outstanding and truly professional,” he adds.
During the application of the thermal roof coating there was very little disruption during and at no time did the application process hinder the daily operations of the club. This was vital to Mounties as they take immense pride in keeping their patrons happy.
Not only did the application of SkyCool thermal roof coating cut the load on the air-conditioning system and reduce the electricity bills, it also restored the condition of the buildings roof.

Furthermore, as a flow on effect, Mounties Mt Pritchard have made their valued patrons a lot more comfortable in their club environment.

“I would like to congratulate the ‘SkyCool’ company on the development, marketing and application of this unique product,” says Greg.

‘SkyCool’ acts as a passive heat pump, meaning it will remove heat from within a building and by using its ability to focus the emissions, it will discharge the heat through the earths atmosphere to space. The heat which is emitted from the roof will not be bounced back to earth, which is what happens with the greenhouse effect.

The protection from SkyCool thermal coatings lasts for a minimum of 10 years and is available at a fraction of the cost of other roof membranes.

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