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Melbourne Airport applies SkyCool paint on roof to reduce heat gain

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Melbourne Airport has applied SkyCool paint on terminal roofs to help reduce heat gain and lower air conditioning use throughout the terminals.

Melbourne Airport serves Australia’s second-largest city and handles over 22 million passengers and 180,000 aircraft movements annually.

Tests by the University of Sydney as well as field trials suggest that SkyCool paint applied to supermarket roofs results in a much cooler building, reducing air conditioning use by 40-50% compared with roofs painted with normal paint.

Melbourne Airport has applied more than 35,000m² of the Australian-developed SkyCool paint to terminal roofs. Specifically formulated to reduce ‘heat gain’ within the building, SkyCool reduces the use of air conditioners throughout the terminal by acting as a black body radiator of infrared energy.

Additional measures adopted by the airport include installation of nearly 500 energy-efficient light bulbs and darker tinting on the terminal windows to reduce the heat entering the building. Special foam balls have also been inserted into the air conditioning supply system to keep the internal pipes clean, reduce maintenance and aid in the efficient operation of the overall system.

Over an 18-month period the SkyCool paint has helped to save more than 40,000 tonnes of CO2 through a reduction in air conditioning use. Where the terminal building previously required four chillers operating at around 100% capacity, three chillers are running now at around 80% capacity to fulfil the terminal’s cooling needs.

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