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Situp N grinders from Situp Products

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Situp Products  are manufacturers of edge grinders which are mainly used in flooring. The special features of Situp N grinders include its design, speed, productivity,storage, control, confined spaces and visibility. Situp N grinders needs less physical effort to work with and they are also less costly. Situp N grinders can hold 6 weights more making the total weight 10kg and this makes the grinder to float easily in circles.

The design of the Situp Products is such that it helps us from the difficulty of sitting, standing or kneeling while working with the grinders.The grinding tools include Situp N grinders, Hoverhood, Powergrind, Concrete hardness testers,Self- cleaning, bagless vaccum dust collectors and disc nut extension tools.

Care should be taken while switching off the angle grinder when the grinder is too hot since the motor will burnout when suddenly stopped after slowing it down for one or two minutes. When the grinder is too hot it should be lifted up from the floor so that the fan inside the motor will rotate and gives it a cooling effect. The advantage is that this process will take only 20 seconds and the grinder can be used again.

The stool that is incorporated with the grinder gives the grinder high speed and control.

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