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Reduced Angle Grinder Maintenance For Concrete Grinder

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One of the main advantages of the hand held concrete grinder from Situp Products is the reduced angle grinder maintenance result of the highly efficient dust shroud. However, given the fact that angle grinder motors are often used for extended periods of time under full load conditions, it is recommended that some angle grinder maintenance be performed from time to time to prevent more expensive repairs. This is not a complicated process as it merely involves the replacement of the brushes and at times the main shaft bearing, an inexpensive component easily replaced by experts with the appropriate tools.

Maintenance of the concrete grinder will also involve the inspection of the brushes every three months as well as the inspection of the seals of the dust shroud to ensure that no dust is escaping because this can be drawn into the grinder causing faster wear than would otherwise be expected. The Situp Products dust shrouds present hook and loop attached seals which makes seal adjustment an easy process which does not require the use of tools.

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