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New dust shroud for concrete grinder available from Situp Products

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The new concrete grinder is built around a special dust shroud called HoverhoodTM which enables the grinder to hover and float as if on a cushion of air.

Concrete grinding is now used to prepare floors for coatings, vinyl flooring, glue or paint removal or even polishing concrete floors.

Vast quantities of concrete dust are generated in the grinding process which requires a highly efficient dust shroud to contain it without causing friction with the floor.

HoverhoodTM available from Situp Products also has the ability to grind against an edge or wall and HoverhoodTM dust shrouds will fit all popular nine inch angle grinders.

The SitupTM n grind system utilising the HoverhoodTM dust shroud is the only floor grinder that floats easily and can be moved immediately in any direction.

For many flooring tradesmen this will be a low cost concrete grinder and also the versatile without being too large and awkward to use.

For large contractors it will be a fast edge grinder and more compact. These concrete grinding products are used to remove tripping hazards on paths to remove tile adhesive, vinyl tile glue, epoxy coatings, clear sealers or to just level uneven floors.

They can expose aggregate or remove thick levelling compounds if the correct cupwheel is fitted.

For dust control you will find a special, high-performance, vacuum, dust collector with automatic, self-cleaning filters.

The vacuum and the concrete grinder can both run off a domestic power outlet making this system a versatile and easy grinder to use.

Storage is simple because the grinder and vacuum can be transported in the boot of a medium sized car. It is lightweight enough for one man to carry it.

Floating dust shroud for concrete grinder:

The HoverhoodTM dust shroud for hand-held concrete grinders avoids vacuum stick with its fixed height seal. This enables operators to float the grinder across concrete floors freely without causing deep grinding shoulders or grinding rings.

The hook and loop fastening system for the seal is quick to adjust and requires no tools. The edging cover piece is also hook and loop fastened for rapid removal and replacement when grinding against walls or other fixtures.

This system was designed to overcome the difficulties of using flexible dust shrouds that caused too much friction with the floor as they were used and to allow dust free edging.

The high efficiency of dust control comes from the airflow being directed under the seal where the dust is generated. This airflow is against the direction of the dust results in good dust pickup with no friction.

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