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Floor grinding and polishing equipment available from Situp Products

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Situp Products  provides concrete floor preparation services through a range of floor grinding and polishing equipment and inserts. The range of flooring equipment and accessories, manufactured by Situp Products, includes the Situp N Grind model of floor grinders, the Hoverhood model of dust shrouds and the Cornerhood model of floor grinders.

The Cornerhood range of floor grinders, designed by Situp Products, comes in 4 and 5 inch models. Cornerhood dust shrouds can be used for safe and easy floor grinding and polishing applications. The dust shrouds and portable edge grinders are available in compact designs. Cornerhood dust shrouds are free of warping and twisting problems as they are built from steel. .

The dust shrouds, manufactured by Situp Products, can be easily fitted with angle grinders. Situp Products provides operational training and maintenance services to its clients. Builders and contractors with concrete floor preparation needs can benefit from the flooring equipment design and manufacturing services offered by Situp Products. The concrete floor preparation equipment facilitates effortless and smooth grinding operations.

Dust seals from the Cornerhood model of dust shrouds, supplied by Situp Products, are made from white, non-marking rubber materials.

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