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Concrete grinder dust shrouds from Situp Products

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article image Concrete grinder dust shrouds no longer require nut and spacer

Situp Products  have recently introduced five inch concrete grinder dust shrouds. These concrete grinder dust shrouds have been redesigned to eliminate the need for an extended nut and spacer. Most diamond grinding wheels will fit without the extra expense of the nut and spacer due to the new lower profile of the surrounding skirt.

The nut and spacer used to be a necessary element of concrete grinding dust shrouds because after lifting the grinding wheel to clear the shroud body there was often not enough thread left on the grinder arbor to attach the nut, so an extended thread nut was required.

These items have now been eliminated, reducing the cost of setting up a concrete grinder and removing the possibility of accidental loss of the parts which would render the grinder inoperable.

The five inch concrete grinder dust shrouds are mainly used for grinding the edges of concrete floors and getting close into the corners with its unique double flat design without allowing dust to escape when fitted to a vacuum dust collector. Five inch pads are mostly used for polishing the edges of concrete floors.

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