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Data Logging Instruments
DataNet wireless data loggers consist of 16 bit data logging systems with 4 inputs for accurately measuring and recording PT-100, thermocouple thermistor, voltage, 4-20mA, frequency and pulse.

The ZigBee wireless telemetry protocol is utilised by data being transmitted from units to the central computer.

DataNet wireless data acquisition systems can also be used as transmission repeaters to units near by, creating a consistent mesh network of up to 65,000 units.

DataNet High End Wireless Data Loggers
  • Dependable bi-directional transmission which ensures that no data is lost
  • Flexible transmission with the ability to have other network units added
  • Cost effective
  • These temperature data loggers feature long distance monitoring
  • DataNet data logging devices feature internal temperature sensors
  • Several alarms for notifying users
  • Receiver can facilitates up to 8 end units and 16 repeaters
  • Repeater can identify up to 24 end units and 16 repeaters
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