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Sitest supplies customised data logging system for Spanish wastewater treatment specialists

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article image The data logging system from Sitest has been customised to suit wastewater treatment specialist INPRISA

INPRISA, a Spanish company specialising in wastewater treatment mainly in the surface treatment industry, has been successfully running a DatatNet logging system, from Sitest , over the past year. The customised logging system has not only enabled the company to comply with increasingly stringent government and EU demands, but has also led to improved efficiency and reduced plant costs.

INPRISA made the decision to install the Datanet monitoring solution in order to support the expansion of its services, whilst delivering efficient, effective and reliable wastewater treatment solutions. The company uses a variety of waste water treatment processes including:

  • ultra-filtration,
  • physio-chemical purification,
  • filter presses,
  • ion exchange,
  • evaporators,
  • chrome recovery,
  • reverse osmosis, and
  • acid reclamation.
The wastewater that INPRISA treats contains toxic materials such as organic materials, metals, acids and alkalis and needs to meet national and international guidelines for waste water directives. The data logging system enables INPRISA to ensure and prove that these guidelines have been met, as well as achieving maximum efficiency. The water treatment processes require constant (every 15 minutes), detailed measuring and recording of:
  • pH 6-8 values,
  • flow-rate range of 2.000 m3 /h,
  • conductivity of up to 800 uS/cm, and
  • temperature.
The customised monitoring installation comprises three DataNet DNL910 loggers, a repeater, a receiver monitor, and pH, conductivity and flow probes. The data logger system is supported by custom designed system events and logger data reports that meet the state’s waste water guidelines.

  • Features of the customised data logging system that are particularly suited to INPRISA’s wastewater logging and recording needs include:
  • mesh network operation enables effective wireless sensor networking easily expandable for parallel setups within treatment plant or at other sites,
  • automatically redresses misbalances in any data logging system with self correct function that responds to weaknesses and inefficiencies,
  • data from multiple channels is easily manageable and all measured data values can be presented together,
  • data can be easily exported to Excel, providing clear and comprehensive reports and can be displayed in single graph or table format,
  • complex systems can be evaluated for inefficiencies for on going tweaks and adjustments,
  • reliable data provided 24/7 so any problem can be resolved, preventing escalation,
  • in the event of transmission loss the network automatically locates alternative data transfer routes and data is protected and recorded in the logger memory,
  • alarms are sent to the control room when data crosses pre-defined parameters,
  • optional SMS alerts available in the event of malfunctions,
  • greater flexibility from single system performing dual function of temperature control monitoring and process measurement tool.
INPRISA have found the DataNet logger solution to be a cost effective and easy to run solution and now offer the system as standard in all of its water processing installations. Additionally, by enabling a clearer understanding of the dynamics of the waste water treatment procedure, the data logging system allowed INPRISA to spot inefficiencies in its system and to streamline processes to achieve greater conservation of energy and chemicals.

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