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Microprocessor-based salinity meter

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article image Accurate across its full range.

EUTECH Instruments, represented in Australia by Sitest , has released the EcoScan Salt 6 meter. Most salinity meters use the conductivity method.

By multiplying by a total dissolved solids (TDS) factor, a ppt value can be obtained. However, this assumes a linear relationship. The actual salinity curve does not have a linear relationship. This is the main reason why most analogue salinity meters (with trimmer knobs) are not accurate.

The Salt 6 meter is microprocessor-based and has been programmed with the non-linear scale specific to salinity. This ensures accuracy across its full range. Automatic temperature compensation provides high accuracy.

The conductivity electrode used is designed to minimise bubble entrapment and has a built-in temperature sensor that will give quick response time during measurement. The measurement range is 0.1% to 5.00% or 1 to 50 ppt. The unit comes with a rubber boot for protection in field measurements.

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