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Eutech microprocessor based portable waterproof colorimeters available from Sitest

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article image Eutech C401 microprocessor based portable waterproof colorimeter

Available from Sitest , Eutech’s range of laboratory grade, microprocessor based portable waterproof colorimeters measure chlorine, cyanuric acid, pH, chlorine dioxide, bromine and ozone with quick, accurate and repeatable results.

These colorimeter meters are simple to use thanks to their intuitive and direct user interface that displays guiding messages and self diagnostics on a large custom made LCD screen.

Designed for reliable and convenient water analysis, each colorimeter in the Eutech family comes with reagents and sample vials in a rugged carrying case for swift testing on the go.

Key features of these portable waterproof colorimeters include:

  • excellent test-to-test repeatability and autoranging capabilities while using only one vial and one sachet per test
  • fuss-free meter operations designed for maintenance free convenience
  • one-time blanking for all parameters and ranges, useful for performing multi-parameter analysis and repeat measurements of a sample
  • no detachable parts and no flip covers as the colorimeters are designed to have the vials fit perfectly into the sample well
  • US EPA-approved DPD method so results can be reliably used for reporting purposes
  • high quality, custom formulated powder reagents provide excellent accuracy, repeatability and stability
  • advanced power management allowing for more than 3000 tests on a set of four new ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries
  • auto power off function that activates after ten minutes of non use to conserve battery life
  • waterproof to IP67 rating and so lightweight they float if accidentally dropped in water.
This family of portable waterproof colorimeters is designed for reliable and convenient water analysis in:
  • swimming pools
  • spas
  • public utilities
  • industrial wastewater plants
  • municipal water
  • treated water
  • water conditioning systems; and paper and pulp mills.

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