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article image IP67 waterproof housing.

EUTECH Instruments, has released the ECTestr and TDSTestr water testers.

They have 27mm x 21mm LCD dual-display screens that present measured value and temperature reading during measurement and measured value and factory default value during calibration.

Available from Sitest , each unit has a three-segment battery indicator, an IP67 waterproof housing with a ribbed design that provides better grip and minimises rolling.

They also have user-replaceable stainless steel electrodes with a Valox electrode housing for chemical durability. They have lanyard connection, automatic temperature compensation (ATC), nonvolatile memory and auto power-off and hold functions.

The ECTestr provides measurements in µS or mS, while the TDSTestr gives readings in parts per million (ppm) or parts per thousand (ppt). Each tester series features a total of five models, namely low, high, low+, high+ and pure+. All measurements are displayed with an accuracy of ±1% of the respective ranges of each tester.

The cup-type sensors of the plus (+) series provide for small sample volume measurements by using a pipette or just scooping the sample required. It also allows for direct immersion in the test sample. The dip-type sensors of the low/high series are designed for direct immersion in the sample.

The + series can display ºC or ºF. Both the ECTestr and TDSTestr are used in a wide variety of applications. The pure+ series can be used in pure water, distilled water, natural water, and reverse osmosis system applications. The low/low+ tester series can measure natural water, verify reverse osmosis system operation and tap water quality and check nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications. The high/high+ models measure salt water, wastewater, cooling tower water, boiler condensate, salinity for ponds and recirculation systems as well as saline and chemical levels in pools and spas.

Both series of testers have two-year warranties on electronics and six-month warranties on the electrodes.

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