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DataNet provides round-the-clock monitoring and alarm system for Taiwanese cord blood bank

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A Taiwanese Government-monitored umbilical cord blood laboratory required complete monitoring of blood processing, storage inside specially designed bags and placement inside cryogenically sealed containers.  

The government funded laboratory stores cord blood and carries out stem cell research for the treatment of genetic diseases, blood malignancies and immune deficiencies. The DataNet monitoring and alarm system was required to protect the blood bank’s quality and research integrity.  

Key customer challenges:  

  • Printed daily reports had to be produced on the status of the lab’s deep cold refrigerators and room conditions, indicating one sample per minute to secure continued funding and satisfy Ministry of Health regulations   
  • Storage conditions had to be maintained and validated, which was critical to the life-span of the banked blood as well as research integrity 
  • Series of barriers to transmission existed within the lab including refrigerator units    
Highlights of the DataNet monitoring and alarm system:
  • Temperature and humidity are monitored with five DNL920 humidity and temperature loggers, one DNL910 temperature logger, one receiver and an external PT100 temperature sensor 
  • Thermocouple temperature sensors with a range as low as -80ºC monitor the lab's refrigerators 
  • GSM modem feature sends SMS alert messages when necessary to the manager on call 
  • Data is transmitted to the PC for printing daily reports for submission to the Taiwanese Health Ministry 
  • Two of the loggers provided with an emergency On/Off switch, which can change the resistance crossing the alarm state threshold, as an additional safety procedure for night     
Measurable results:
  • Recurring report delivery: Data is transferred into report format in both Excel and PDF and delivered at regular intervals to a select distribution list 
  • Minimising error: Four alarm levels, SMS and email alerts, together with emergency night procedures all protect the banked blood’s quality and integrity 
  • Strong and flexible system leveraging the SRR short range repeater mode overcomes RF transmission hurdles in the network    
The DataNet blood bank monitoring and alarm systems are available in Australia through Sitest .

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