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DataNet multi-site pharmaceutical production monitoring system installed for pharma manufacturer

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A DataNet multi-site pharmaceutical production monitoring system was installed at a unique pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Israel to meet production and storage challenges.  

Concept for Pharmacy is a unique pharmaceutical facility manufacturing extemporaneous preparations as well as special disinfection agents containing coloured chlorine.  

Key challenges for the pharmaceutical industry including strict regulations, harsh competition and rising R&D costs need to be met by ensuring safe and efficient production, transport and storage processes.  

Key customer challenges:  

  • Production, storage and R&D facilities span 4 floors over 100m² 
  • Complex multi-site operation with parallel working processes requires simultaneous control of diverse humidity, pressure and temperature micro-environments 
  • Numerous transmission barriers including stairwells, multiple floors and concrete walls 
  • Sterile areas require dust-proof installation and non-disintegrative system elements 
  • Non-digital autoclave legacy equipment functions at extremely high temperatures in patented coloured chlorine manufacturing 
  • Colour plates are switched by technicians at the moment of optimal temperature determined by periodic manual checks     
Highlights of the DataNet multi-site pharmaceutical production monitoring system:

  • DataNet system with external PT100 sensor placed inside the autoclave oven provides timely alerts when the oven reaches optimal temperatures 
  • Cleanroom refrigeration and freezer temperature and humidity levels monitored by DataNet temperature and RH units, connected to the PT100 sensor 
  • Mounting without screws to avoid dust creation 
  • Another DataNet unit connected to a convector to reconstruct environmental parameters 
  • Unit allows engineers to test various temperature and humidity parameters and establish the monitoring needs of products throughout the storage and transport lifecycle     
Measurable results of the DataNet production monitoring system:
  • Helicopter view providing a fully controlled single view of all micro-environments 
  • Reliable production process protects cleanroom integrity while ensuring less raw materials and product wastage 
  • Constant alerts and updates by cellular phone and email to both on-duty staff and off-duty managers 
  • Legacy investments integrated 
  • ISO compliance as part of ISO 9000:2001 and ISO 13485:2008 with all processes monitored and data stored on record        
According to Evelina Fuchs, Process Engineer, Concept for Pharmacy, the DataNet system is very user-friendly, streamlines their control processes and prevents human error by automatically logging the data.    

The DataNet production monitoring systems are available in Australia through Sitest .

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