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DataNet High-End Wireless ZigBee data acquisition system by Sitest

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DataNet High-End Wireless ZigBee Data Acquisition System, now available from Sitest ,  is a 16-bit data logging system with 4 inputs for direct measurement and recording of PT-100, thermocouple (J, K, T), voltage, current, frequency, pulse and dry contact. Data transmission from units to the central computer utilises the brand new ZigBee wireless telemetry protocol.

ZigBee wireless protocol uses a 2.4 GHz license free frequency RF band. Each DataNet unit also serves as a transmission repeater to neighbouring units, forming a reliable mesh network of up to 65,000 nodes. The ZigBee key features include:

    * Reliable transmission ensuring no data loss
    * Transmission range that can be constantly expanded by adding additional nodes
    * Minimal costs thanks to wire-free infrastructure
    * Portable units facilitating easy deployment in various environments

Key DataNet Benefits:

    * Wireless Data logging
    * Internal Humidity / Temperature sensors
    * 4 recording inputs: 4-20mA, 0-1V, Pulse counter, PT100 2-wires, NTC, Thermocouple J, K and T
    * Fully reliable monitoring network
    * Cost effective system
    * Multiple alarms including SMS to any location
    * Long range monitoring
    * Up to 65,000 network units
    * License-free RF band worldwide
    * Operating keypad and large LCD display

Example Applications:

    * Monitoring environments in labs, fridges, freezers and culture rooms
    * Chemical industrial and perishables storage
    * Medical alert monitoring, sterilisation, blood products storage and transport

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