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Chlorine, cyanuric acid, and pH colourimeters

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article image Five models combine different test parameters.

EUTECH Instruments has released meters for the measurement of free chlorine, total chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH. Available from Sitest . the line of colourimeters is designed to deliver quick, accurate and repeatable results.

Five models combine different test parameters. The C401 measures free chlorine, total chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH. The C301 measures free chlorine, total chlorine and pH. The C201 measures free chlorine and total chlorine measurements and the C102 reads only cyanuric Acid while the C101 measures only pH. The meters allow testing of swimming pools, spas, drinking water, treated water and wastewater. The colourimeters are designed for easy operation in the field. Custom-formulated reagents provide accurate, repeatable and stable readings.

The meters have autoranging capabilities and use only one vial and one sachet for each test, have no detachable parts and do not require a light shield. They allow one-time blanking for all parameters and ranges when measuring the same sample. The blanking value is stored in memory and used for subsequent measurements even if the meter is switched off or the batteries are replaced.

Chlorine measurements are based on the USEPA-approved DPD method equivalent to USEPA method 330.5 for wastewater and Standard Method 4500-Cl G for drinking water. Calibration is not necessary for chlorine and cyanuric acid measurements.

They are capable of measuring more than three thousand tests on a single set of four AAA alkaline batteries and conserves battery life by activating the auto power-off feature after ten minutes without use.

Each unit has an IP67-rated waterproof housing and a large LCD displaying mode indicators. They weight 200g and float in water. Each meter is supplied with the necessary reagents and sample vials in a carry case. No maintenance of the meters is required.

Each meter carries a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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