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Weigh-packaging machine available from Sippel Group

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Sippel hitech electronic weigh packaging machine was locally manufactured by the Sippel Group 16 years ago for the flour and grain industry.

Since the first models, Sippel has simplified and vastly improved the design to create a reliable unit, still featuring stainless steel in the product flow and also adding a completely stainless steel locally manufactured model.

Special models to suit the customer's special requirements have also been designed and manufactured and all feature easy access and maintenance.

The machines now feature a local rinstrum ranger digitiser, with an easy to set large memory for different products and settings, weighing by a single load cell teamed with special support restraints and can weigh-fill cans, small drums or bins, open top bags, valve bags in paper or plastic combinations.

Weight range can be from 2 kg to 30 or 40 kg in 10 gram increments. Air fluidising, anti-arching or anti ratholing devices can be included in the machine feed hoper with a generous range of auger sizes available to suit product and output requirements.

The machines can handle any product which will convey by auger into the container and can be fitted with special features to suit difficult products. A special dust seal arrangement is standard fitment to the auger bearings housing.

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