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Airskate Technology
Sippel and Co. Pty Limited can custom design and build AIRSKATE™, HOVAIR™ and Air Floatation Load Movement Systems. Load weights can range from 100 kg to 100 Tonne or more.

Sippel have the capacity for:
  • Design and controlled manufacture of specialised AIRSKATE™ handling facilities
  • Contract hire for some moves, covering local, intrastate and interstate
Airskate and its Benefits
AIRSKATE™ moving equipment benefits and our experience for over 30 years
  • SUCCESS - Each and every hire/contract move has been successful
  • SAFETY - Providing excellent safety in hazardous areas eliminating injury to personnel, equipment, floors, buildings
  • DURABILITY - No replacement diaphragms ever supplied purely as a result of frictional wear
  • FORCE - Normally require only a push/control force of around 2 kg/tonne of load
  • FLOORS - Can cope with level/flatness usually around + 6 mm over 3 m
They float on air with virtually no friction and need very little effort needed to manoeuvre and are clean and quiet enough for TV and sound recording studios.

FLOOR SURFACES: Normal Steel-trowelled factory floors can be readily negotiated and tread plate, grids, voids or rough and deteriorated areas covered with either lino, semi-rigid PVC sheet or  galvanised sheet metal, subject to support capacity and underneath structure loading.

Air Film Safety, Reliability and Applications
Safety and Reliability during their involvement and experience with their trademarked  HOVAIR™, AIRSKATE™ and AIRFILM™ products include:
  • Handling Equipment in textile, nuclear, paper manufacturing, printing, confectionery, food, performing arts, process packaging, laboratories, pharmaceutical, oil platforms, specialised manufacturing areas
  • Heavy and very heavy industrial load applications as well as Vehicular Turntables for Major Financial Institutions
  • Load Capacities 250 kg to 1 or 2 tonne up to 15 or 36 or 50 to 100+ tonne
  • Includes High Rise Building Maintenance Machines up to 12.5 tonne
  • Entertainment Industry
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05/10/10 - Sippel International offers hire services for AIRSKATE, HOVAIR and Air Flotation Load Movement Systems, which enable awkward or heavy loads from 100 kg to 100 tonnes to be moved easily.
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13/01/10 - Sippel International have been custom-designing, building and providing hire services for Airskate, Hovair and Air Flotation Load Movement Systems for over 33 years.
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09/03/07 - The Sippel International group, for their unique trademarked Airskate air flotation load movement systems, has for the past 30 years supplied these systems with a minimum locally made content of 50% t

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