Sinter-Pacific provide the following products: Sintered - Powder Metal (P/M) Components, Metal Injection Moulded Components - a step up in shape technology from conventional P/M, Dry Run Bushes - such as metal backed DU type in a variety of sizes & shapes, Wire Conveyor Belts - such as woven round wire and flat wire for a variety of industrial uses, Specialty High Temperature Thermal Processing including - Lab Furnace, HIP (Hot Press Furnace),  ... + View more


Supplier news
23/04/08 - Sinter-Pacific supplies a range of products from a number of reputed manufacturers for use in a range of engineering activities. Some of the products that Sinter-Pacific distributes are sintered and powder metal (P/M) components, metal injection moul
Supplier news
22/04/08 - A range of wire conveyor belts like woven round wire and flat wire conveyor belts are available from Sinter-Pacific for a variety of industrial uses.
Supplier news
21/04/08 - Sinter-Pacific specialises in distributing a range of engineered components, machinery and testing solutions to its clients.

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Advanced Forming Tech Daido Gasbarre Maryland Muller Weingarten Ortal Sinterite

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