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Silverware  is a well established company that has developed an innovative product that helps reduce sweaty feet and the smell associated with it, a very common problem associated with working people.

Silverware has developed a revolutionary new product that is setting new standards in workplace safety and worker comfort. The silver coated work socks from Silverware have added a new dimension to working in challenging conditions.

The addition of silver to the work socks has resulted in a huge improvement in the comfort of the wearer. For many years, silver has been known for the therapeutic and health improvement properties.

Ancient Romans and Persians have used silver for various purposes like healing the wounded or keeping water fresh. Recent advances in medical science have shown that silver plays a vital role in protecting the body from various ailments. Hence, silver is now being used in burn and antibacterial creams as well as in water purification equipment.

Silver is also widely known for its conductive powers. Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity. The use of silver in socks manufactured by Silverware results in the sock conducting the static from the body. This results in safer working conditions for the workers and prevents the static from affecting any electronic equipment.

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