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Anti static socks from Silverware

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Silverware  is the company that has developed an innovative range of socks that helps reduce sweaty feet and the smell associated with it. The silver coated work socks from Silverware have added a new dimension of safety to workers working in challenging conditions. The addition of silver to the work socks has resulted in a huge improvement in the comfort of the wearer.

In addition to delivering cutting edge socks to its clients Silverware is also developing a complete line of clothing items and accessories based on the principle of incorporating silver into these items to increase their utility and the comfort of the person wearing them.

A range of work socks is available from Silverware. These socks provide heavy duty protection to the wearer. These socks are enhanced with 10 percent silver. This silver is 99.99 percent pure. These work socks are OH&S approved and PPE listed as well.

These socks provide enhanced comfort, superior odour control, and better fungal protection when compared to common socks. These work socks from Silverware also feature a thermodynamic cushioned footbed and offers robust blister protection, instep protection as well as cross ankle support.

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