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RF chip products from Sapphicon Semiconductor Australia

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RF chip products designed by Silanna and provided by Sapphicon Semiconductor Australia are designed to harness the unique benefits that SoS (Silicon-on-Sapphire) delivers for next-generation wireless applications not realised in other processes such as bulk CMOS, SiGe or GaAs. These include:

  • Ability to integrate RF, High Q passives, mixed signal, digital, memory and EEPROM on a single die
  • High Q integrated inductors (QL>40 at 2GHz for 5 nH inductor)
  • Very high linearity transistors (+38 dBm IP3 mixers)
  • High performance RF: fmax typically 3X ft (60 GHz at 0.5 µm)
  • Low parasitics and superb ESD protection
  • Good PMOS transistors allowing new design options

Silanna remains open to customer input specifications upon contact allowing a greater degree of flexibility in application for various specific needs. For robust RF chip products that are designed to go above and beyond expectations, Sapphicon Semiconductor Australia provide a clear choice.

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