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Wide Usage for Sika Australia's products

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Wide range of admixtures that are used with construction materials include water reducing admixtures, mid range water reducers, water reducing set retarding admixtures,water reducing accelerator,air entraining agent, high range water reducer,high range water,stabilizers and many more.

The Surface treatment products include surface retarders, evaporating retarders,form release agents,and curing compounds. Floor treatments and toppings include surface hardeners,cementitious underlays,epoxy floor systems and temporary moisture barrier.

Structural epoxy and carbon fiber reinforced polymers are used for structural strengthening. Sika Australia's products are used for anti-carbonations, impregnations, as chemical resistant and as moisture barrier.

Sika Australia's products are used with epoxy grouts and anchors and cementitious grouts.
Some of Sika Australia's products helps in water proofing and are used with waterstops and sealants,Sika sarnafil,bituminous sheet membranes.

Sika Australia' s market in construction field include water and power, transport infrastructure, health education ,leisure,manufacturing industry,residential, commercial and industrial buildings,and precast concrete elements.

The industrial markets include transportation industry, ship building,building components and installations,domestic appliances and industrial equipment.

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