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Fast curing flexible adhesive system

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DERIVED from acrylic chemistry, Sika has developed its new ADP technology (acrylic double performance), keeping the positive while overcoming the limiting features of acrylics.

This has resulted in a range of fast-curing, flexible, low odour SikaFast two-component adhesive systems.

This user-friendly, solvent-free adhesive technology forms the basis for a new generation of Sika adhesives, characterised by rapid strength development, high adhesion and optimal flexibility.

The development of the ADP technology provides a new generation of fast-curing, flexible adhesives, which can be used instead of welding, riveting, clinching and other mechanical fastening techniques.

Thanks to the high strength of SikaFast adhesive systems, and its adhesion to a wide range of substrates, the bonded joints are capable of transmitting large mechanical forces.

This, and the strength development within minutes, makes SikaFast a safe and economical alternative to conventional mechanical fastening technologies.

In its uncured state SikaFast is a non-sagging material, of paste-like consistency, that allows for precise and easy application.

The adhesive system is suitable for structural and semi-structural bonding of a wide range of substrates used in the assembly and trim shop, such as metals, plastics, glass, coil coated steel, etc.

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