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Chemical products for construction and industrial purpose from Sika Australia

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Sika Australia  are producers of specialty chemicals which can be used for industrial purpose and also constructional purpose. Some of the specialties offered for the products in Sika Australia include protection, dampness, reinforcement, bonding, and sealing.

Sika's construction products include concrete and motor admixtures, elastic sealants and adhesives, sealing systems,surfaces for industry,transport and sports and specialized construction equipment.
The products used in industries include elastic adhesives and sealants,tooling resins,flooring for commercial vehicles and ships, acoustic products for the automated industry.

Construction chemicals include a wide range of admixtures, surface treatments, floor treatments and toppings, structural strengthening, protective coatings and impregnations, cementitious and epoxy repair, grouts and anchors, joint sealers and adhesives and waterproofing.

Industrial sealants and adhesives include Sika Automotive Line, the adhesives and sealants that can be used in vehicles include Sikaflex, SikaTrack, SikaPower, and SikaLastomer . Sika adhesives are widely used in welding, riveting and screw fixing. The adhesives are used to protect the vehicles from corrosion, warping, distortion and shearing. Sika adhesives and sealants are widely used in the marine industry in repairing and manufacturing ships, boats and yachts.

The new product that is recently introduced by Sika Australia is the Sika Mix&Go which can be used for small scale repair work.

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