Sika Australia

Adhesives and sealants, treatment, protection and waterproofing.


Supplier news
02/01/08 - Structural epoxy and carbon fiber reinforced polymers are used for structural strengthening. Sika Australia's products are used for anti-carbonations, impregnations, as chemical resistant and as moisture barrier.
Supplier news
31/12/07 - Sika Australian are producers of specialty chemicals which can be used for industrial purpose and also constructional purpose.
Supplier news
25/03/03 - DERIVED from acrylic chemistry, Sika has developed its new ADP technology (acrylic double performance), keeping the positive while overcoming the limiting features of acrylics. This has resulted in a range of fast-curing, flexible, low odour SikaFast

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Sika Australia (Head office) Update these details
55 Elizabeth St
Wetherill Park
NSW 2164
Tel: 1300 22 33 48
Fax: 02 9725 2605

Sika Australia Brands

Antisol Combiflex Elastosil Eucobet Eucoplast Sika Sika Anchorfix Sika Cure Sika Curite Sika FerroGard Sika Film Sika MonoTop Sika Proof Sika Raintite Sika Swell Sika Tite Sika Top Sika ViscoCrete Sika Waterbar Sika-1 Sika-4a Sikadur Sikadur Combiflex Sikaflex Sikafloor 400N SikaGrout Sikament Sikaplan SikaPlastiment SikaRapid Sikasil SikaTard

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