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GPS location-based solutions from Sigtec

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article image Computer-aided dispatch, event notification and GPS location-based solutions available from Sigtec

Sigtec  specialise in computer-aided dispatch, event notification and GPS location-based solutions for the transport, service, utilities, government, public safety and public transport markets.

Sigtec’s systems enable companies to be more productive by offering ‘anywhere, anytime’ business solutions through a mobile workforce and to capture data at the 'point of activity' through the use of advanced technologies.

Sigtec deliver high profile ‘life critical’ and ‘critical infrastructure’ intelligent transport systems in the public safety and public transport markets. Sigtec’s public safety systems are utilised in the intense emergency services environment, where failures cost lives and incidents are subject to passionate media scrutiny.

Sigtec’s Real Time Passenger Information Systems are also highly visible to customers, community and media scrutiny.

Sigtec’s capabilities as a systems integrator include the following:


Sigtec specialise in the design and manufacture of in-vehicle telematics devices. To complement Sigtec's range of devices, they also resell a broad range of third party mobile computing equipment. Sigtec also offer a number of high reliability, rugged hardware platforms to suit custom applications.


Sigtec provide custom software development services for in-vehicle and/or hand-held devices (such as Microsoft.Net) as well as web back-end (such as ASP and Java Application Services).

Communication services

Sigtec have extensive experience in providing wireless enabled customer solutions through conventional radio (PMR, MPT), satellite and 'cellular' (WWAN) networks (GPRS, 3G, NextG).

Professional services

Sigtec provide business and technology consulting and systems installation/integration services to interface with existing IT systems.

Major milestones:

  • Named as IAP Service Provider by the Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA)
  • Commissioning a large fully automatic taxi dispatch Bureau Service, managing seven taxi fleets, totalling around 3,300 taxis (80% of Sydney's taxis) from a single control room. Designers and manufacturers of GPS receivers, Sigtec have world patents on high precision satellite accuracy correction technologies, which track vehicles to a few metres
  • Provide real time visual image uploading over narrow band radio channels used by taxi companies for enhanced driver safety
  • Job dispatch and mobility solution for Capital Transport with commercial transport fleet of 400+ vehicles
  • Mobile data dispatch system interfacing to Allied Express' existing booking and allocation package for 820 vehicles. Sigtec data terminals with GPS and QWERTY keyboard
  • Sigtec currently market its solutions in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Italy, Singapore and Indonesia
  • Supplier of 1000 plus mobile data and mobile GPS units to the ambulance service of NSW, covering the whole State

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