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SignPal 7.0 sign making software available from Signtechnologies

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With high-end features and good quality, SignPal 7.0 offers sign makers high performance software.

Ten languages:

Signtechnologies  multilanguage makes more business opportunities for you: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

More than 1200 clip arts and 700 fonts:

SignPal 7.0 comes with over 1200 clip arts and 700 fonts.

SignPal 7.0 design effects:


Allows you to convert bitmap images into vector objects, trace each shape in the bitmap and cut.

Automatic dimension:

Automatically creates horizontal and vertical dimension lines in an object. These dimension lines are not linked to the object.


Convert a colour bitmap into vector objects with coloured paths. You can choose how many colours you would like to reserve and then make the output cut by colours.

Colour trapping:

Colour Trapping is a material-saving feature. Unneeded parts of overlapping objects can be removed automatically.


There are many ways of combining objects: weld, cut out, common, and exclude common.


Use the mirror command when you want to create mirrored objects that can be separated by a specific distance.


Outline creates a closed path around the outer edges of the selected object. You can choose the number of outlines and the distance between outlines.


You can place a shadow around any object.

Step and repeat:

You can use this command to create multiple copies of an object with various arrangements and numbers.

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