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LaserPro spirit GX laser engraver from Signtechnologies

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The advanced LaserPro spirit GX laser engraver from Signtechnologies is engineered to deliver good output performance.

LaserPro's award winning product gets bigger and faster. The Spirit GX is equipped with sensible upgrades to further boost overall usability.

  • 38"x24" (960 x 610mm) extra large working area
  • QSM (quality speed mode) maintains 100% engraving quality while operating at maximum speed
  • Patented SmartACTTM motion control technology increases your productivity by reducing ramping process and job running time
  • Drag and engrave feature assures remarkable easy and fast set-ups
  • High speed DC motor for precise and rapid movement of laser carriage
  • Linear guide for exceptional precision under high speed
  • Pass-through front and rear doors to accommodate long work pieces


  • SmartLID: An innovative lid that opens from both ends allowing easier access and daily maintenance from the rear
  • SmartBOX: An innovative technology that integrates the ventilation box with a honeycomb table. The result is not only a precise cut with sharp edges, but also a clean laser table to work on
  • SmartACT: Advanced technology that reduces the ramping process, the job running time which translates into higher productivity
  • SmartLIGHT: A light module that illuminates the working space and makes every engraving detail easy to see
  • SmartMemory: SmartMemory allows you to save daily jobs into the engraver so that every morning your graphics are ready to go
  • Pass-through front/rear doors: A design with doors on both ends to accommodate long working pieces without the need for a screwdriver
  • Reliable motion system: Systematic and reliable motion system embedded with strong mechanical framework and accurate servomotor control technology to deliver superb output quality under rapid movement
  • Emergency stop: Big red button located on the top of the machine allows operators to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately to provide highly safety operation
  • SmartPIN auto focus: The plug-and-play probe design makes focusing a one-touch process and provides the accuracy and precision required for optimum quality in the lasing process

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