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Zinc coated steel strapping form Signet

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Now available from Signet , zinc coated steel strapping is a continued favourite in the industry when it comes to strapping, and has a solid reputation of being reliable and consistent in usage results.
Available in 12mm. 15mm, and 19mm width sizes, the key feature of this particular steel strapping from Signet is its zinc coating. By having this added layer of zinc on the strap, users will not only be able to utilise this strap to effectively bind products in outdoor conditions, but also store this strap in areas where rust has previously been a concern.

Ensuring user safety is always a key issue of interest for Signet, which is why they have implemented rounded edges on this strap making it safer to handle by all members of the workforce.

Other key features of this strap include it's weight loading capabilities and its low elasticity, able to hold its shape with little stretch. These features increase the user’s peace of mind when shipping pallets interstate and overseas.

Tools utilised with this strap include a steel strap tensioner, crimper and cutter. The user simply has to tension the strap to ensure a tight hold, place the appropriate snap on seal onto the strap, crimp the seal into place and cut off the excess strap.

Depending on the usage of the particular steel strapping, Signet offers a range of different tools to suit all budgets. For frequent steel strapping users who strap on a daily basis, Signet recommends Signode MIP strapping tools for it's heavy duty durability.

An Australian owned company, Signet has been operating for over 40 years, supplying a comprehensive range of packaging, safety and cleaning supplies along with a large selection of warehouse consumables and equipment.

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