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Signet offers an entire range of Allevyn dressing products from Smith & Nephew in different shapes and sizes for efficient wound management.  

The diverse range of Allevyn medical dressing products is designed to suit different body shapes and exudate levels for superior patient comfort while offering flexible options for clinicians.  

Moist environments are optimal for the promotion of faster wound healing and healthcare professionals today have a wide choice of products designed to meet this specific requirement.   

Smith & Nephew’s Allevyn medical dressings are proven advanced moist healing dressings designed for the management of chronic and exuding wounds.   

Allevyn dressing products promote breathability as exudate levels increase while the foam from the dressing prevents leakage as well as maceration of the wound and surrounding skin.   

Allevyn dressing products are mostly made up of a unique hydrocellular structure and are capable of managing more fluid than many other products including hydrocolloids, alginates and various foam dressings.  

Allevyn wound dressings can be left on the wound for up to seven days. Fewer dressing changes result in greater patient comfort. Healthcare providers also benefit from minimised disruption of the healing process improving the treatment.  

Additionally, an appropriate environment in terms of moisture and warmth is maintained for a longer duration. Cost benefits can also be realised from reduced nursing time, reduced medical consumable use and reduced waste disposal.  

The wide range of shapes and sizes available in the original Allevyn dressing range allows clinicians superior choices in matching dressings to patient needs.   

Allevyn wound dressing products are also available to suit specific wound and skin needs. Signet stocks Allevyn Gentle and Allevyn AG in addition to original Allevyn products to give patients and healthcare providers a broad selection.   

Allevyn Gentle Dressings 

  • Specially formulated for wounds on patients with fragile or sensitive skin 
  • Soft gel wound contact layer holds the dressing in place while secondary retention is applied
  • Addition of the gel also reduces pain to the patient and trauma to the wound at dressing changes 

Allevyn Gentle Border wound dressings 

  • Similar to Allevyn Gentle, it has the added benefit of a silicone gel adhesive border 
  • The gentle adhesive ensures the product is still suitable for fragile skin, while also removing the need for secondary retention  

Allevyn AG wound dressings 

  • Contains Silver Sulfadiazine (SSD) for protection against micro-organisms present in the dressing and wound 
  • Enhanced SSD is released into the wound bed over seven days
  • Designed for use on wounds where the risk of infection is suspected, or needs to be managed

Signet offers free express delivery to metro customers residing in Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide for minimum value orders.

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