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Smith & Nephew’s Bactigras Tulle Gras Dressings available from Signet

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article image Smith & Nephew’s Bactigras Tulle Gras Dressing

Signet supplies a new line of tulle gras dressings from Smith & Nephew, designed for wound protection and relief.   

Bactigras tulle gras dressings are part of Signet's Chronic & Acute Wound Care range for the healthcare industry.  

Wound management is a complex and broad area of healthcare that requires a corresponding variety of products. Signet’s Chronic & Acute Wound Care products cater to this specific requirement with products including hydrogels, irrigation solutions, silver impregnated products and suture kits.  

Tulle gras dressings can be used on many types of wounds. The dressings comprise of a gauze cloth, usually impregnated with paraffin to ease dressing removal without causing trauma.  

Additionally, the tulle gras dressings may contain antiseptics for prevention or treatment of infections. A secondary dressing and retention is required since these dressings are not absorbent.   

Smith & Nephew’s Bactigras dressing is one among several tulle gras dressing products in Signet’s range.  

The soft paraffin dressing is designed to soothe and protect wounds, while the chlorhexidine contained within the dressing is an active antiseptic against a wide variety of Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms.  

The non-adherent wound contact layer allows these tulle gras dressings to be used in conjunction with systemic antibacterial agents.  

Tulle gras dressings are recommended for use on wounds that may potentially become infected such as minor burns, lacerations, abrasions, graft sites and leg ulcers.  

Signet’s Chronic & Acute Wound Care catalogue categories include hand care, dressings and bandages as well as medical instruments.    

Signet offers free express delivery to metro customers residing in Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide for minimum value orders.

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