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Signet's range of stretch film and plastic wrap

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Signet's extensive range of stretch film and plastic wrap includes: 

Signet Blown Stretch Film
• Manufactured in Australia
• Durable and puncture resistant
• Unique 3 laminate film with metallocene allows greater strength at a lesser thickness
• Hi-tack formula to optimise stability and the amount of film required for each pallet

Signet Cast Stretch Film
• Secures pallets and provides water resistance and stability during transport and storage
• Extra stretch for easy application without sacrificing tension
• High clarity for barcode scanning to ensure easy handling
• Almost silent to apply

Signet Hand Pallet Wrappers
• Allow you to adjust tension easily
• Reduces strain on hands and back from continuous bending and twisting
• Ensures a continuous and smooth application of wrap to the pallet
• Core size – 50mm

Signet Bundling Film
• Secures and bundles irregular shaped items
• Used for bundling tiles, wood, plastic, cartons & parts
• Film sticks to itself, not wrapped items
• Quick, easy-to-use and lightweight – ideal for use on remote sites or carrying around the warehouse on a handy dispenser.

Signet Pallet Caps
• Prevent damage to tops of pallets from rain and dirt
• Use with pallet wrap as theft deterrent
• Perforated on a centre folded 850mm wide roll

Signet Security Wrap
• Conceals your contents and deters theft during shipment
• Ideal when shipping valuable or confidential goods
• Suitable for use with a Signet hand pallet wrappers

Signet Coloured Wrap
• Allows for easy pallet identification
• Improves load appearance
• Facilitates stock rotation
• Available in blue, green & red

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