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Signet’s blown hand pallet wraps

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The August 2011 issue of Your Buyers Guide (YBG) by Signet features a wide range of new products along with many favourites including Signet’s Own blown hand pallet wraps. The Signet’s Own range is a new Signet in-house brand offering quality products at value-for-money prices.

Manufactured in Australia, the blown hand pallet wraps have been an industry favourite for over 10 years, transporting goods safely and reliably.

Incorporating advanced technology, Signet’s Own blown hand pallet wraps feature a 3-laminate film with metallocene that delivers superior strength and durability, making them ideal for heavy or irregular loads.

The high-strength blown hand pallet wraps contain puncture-resistant qualities that make them suitable for containing mobile objects such as bags of fertiliser, wood chips and sharp objects including bricks.

Signet’s Own pallet wraps incorporate a hi-tack formula that contains an adhesive solution to increase stability, ensuring goods remain secure during transportation. Another advantage comes from the pallet wrap’s ability to stretch in both directions providing additional load control.

Signet stocks blown hand pallet wraps in 13 micron, 17 micron, 20 micron and 25 micron options to suit diverse customer needs. The pallet wraps are also available in blue, green and red colours to facilitate easy pallet identification.

Signet also provides black and white security wraps for goods that require extra security to ensure the contents are concealed, limiting the potential for theft.

Key features of Signet’s Own blown hand pallet wraps:

  • Provides a smoother application of wrap to pallet, while reducing hand and back strain 
  • Pallet caps and pads available to keep the load protected from environmental elements such as rain and dirt 
  • Bundling film available with dispenser for securing, bundling and collating lightweight items such as wood, tiles, plastic and cartons 
The Australian-owned Signet has been supplying a comprehensive range of packaging, safety and cleaning supplies along with a large selection of warehouse consumables and equipment for over 40 years. 

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