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Signet offers a reliable range of strapping products for securing and bundling your goods. With a range of different types of strapping, tools, buckles, seals and accessories available you will be able to find the perfect strapping solution for any job.

Signet's Own Steel Strapping

  • Ideal for general use applications
  • Ribbon wound with a smooth rounded edge
  • Ensures safety whilst being a cost effective strapping solution
Signet's Own Zinc Coated Steel Strapping
  • Beneficial for those needing increased rust resistance for adverse weather environments
  • Ideal for use when the strapping is exposed to long term or external storage, reducing the likelihood of rust stains
  • Strapped goods are able to remain in a good condition
  • Smooth, well rounded edge for safer handling
Signode Apex Steel Strapping
  • Guaranteed quality grade steel strapping from global brand ITW Signode
  • Accepted as the industry standard for “standard grade” steel strapping
  • Ribbon wound Apex strap is painted and waxed, allowing for a smooth transmission through strapping tools, reducing manual labour and increasing productivity
  • Safety is increased by smooth well rounded strapping
Magnus High Tensile Strapping
  • This product is ideal for use when heavy loads are subject to impact and shocks
  • Cold-rolled, heat treated, medium carbon steel strapping
  • Low friction surface which allows for a uniformed tension distribution  
  • Higher break load than standard steel strapping
Polyester Strapping (PET Strapping)
  • Has no sharp edges which increases safety when applying and removing the strapping
  • A high shock absorbing capacity allows for strap tension to be maintained throughout handling, storage and shipment
  • Rust free strapping helps maintain the appearance of the goods
  • Environmentally friendly option as the strapping is recyclable
Polypropylene Strapping
If you need to palletise or bundle light to medium weight items, then polypropylene strapping may be your economical packaging solution. Polypropylene strapping provides benefits including:
  • Having the ability to promptly and easily bundle goods for shipment
  • Supplied in a convenient dispenser box which promotes easy use and storage
  • No machine is required with this light, flexible and easy to use strapping
  • Machine polypropylene strapping is also available
Poly-woven Strapping  
  • The safer alternative to metal strapping
  • Retains high tension for long periods
  • Can be retensioned at any time during storage or transit
  • The safer alternative as there are no sharp edges to 'snap back' when cut
  • The reusability of this strapping will reduce costs and waste
  • Does not rust, stain or damage your goods
  • Comparable break load to steel strapping
Signet also carries Oscillated Steel Strapping, and Signode's Contrax Strap. To find out more about Signet’s full range of strapping, tools, seals and buckles please contact us.

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