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Signet’s Own Spot marking spray

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A leading Australian manufacturer of paints and inks, Signet introduces a new range of marking paints designed for use on different surfaces.

Made in Signet’s warehouse to high quality standards, Signet’s Own Spot marking spray paint can be used on surfaces including bitumen, dirt, concrete, timber and grass. Spot marking spray cans are ideal for creating identification marks on building sites, golf courses, sporting areas, road works, and earthworks, or to simply highlight areas of importance or hazards.

Signet’s Own Spot marking spray is available in a range of eight standard and seven fluoro colours: black, red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange, lemon, fluoro red, fluoro blue, fluoro orange, fluoro pink, fluoro green, fluoro yellow and fluoro purple. The standard colours will last 6-12 months after application, while the fluoro colours will last 3-6 months.

Signet also offers accessories including the Backsaver and two wheel Spotting Trolley for easy application. Both accessories reduce the chance of back strain or injury and deliver increased comfort and control while spraying. The Backsaver is available in sturdy steel or extra light aluminium.

Key features and benefits of Signet’s Own Spot marking spray paint:

  • Unique trigger cap designed to facilitate easy and safe inverted marking
  • Simple shake-and-spray use
  • Toluene- and CFC-free
  • Quick-dry formula for long lasting marks
  • Solvent based paint allows easy cleaning with Signet’s acetone or graffiti remover

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