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Signet ropes, lashing and threads for industry

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Signet  supplies a range of ropes, lashing and threads to suit diverse industry needs from lashing boxes onto pallets in warehouses to ropes used in the marine industry.
Signet offers polyethylene ropes, polypropylene ropes, polypropylene lashing and sewing thread.
Polyethylene Rope
Signet polyethylene ropes find application as truck ties, tarpaulin ropes and anchor ropes, and are supplied in a range of thicknesses from 4mm to 16mm. The UV stabilised ropes ensure long-lasting performance under the harsh Australian sun.
The polyethylene ropes are supplied in coils or spools. The spool can be suspended if required and won’t lose its shape during dispensing.
Polypropylene Rope
Signet polypropylene ropes are ideal for the manufacturing, transport, construction and recreational industries, with the UV-resistance ensuring the long life of the product. Available in a variety of sizes with superior breaking strains and multiple applications, the blue and yellow polypropylene ropes or Telcom ropes are strong and durable, and designed as cable hauling ropes.
Signet polypropylene ropes are made to Australian Standard AS 4142 for fibre ropes.
Signet Lashing
Signet polypropylene lashing is the preferred multipurpose lashing in the packaging industry as it is suitable for a number of different tasks including bundling and tying. A cost-effective solution for bundling smaller items, polypropylene lashing comes in several colours to enable coding of different products.
Sewing Thread

Signet sewing thread is made from quality polyester thread, and is ideal for the textile industry. It comes in the handheld 200g cone, and also the 2kg or 3kg cone for use in automated machines. The sewing thread is most commonly used to close sacks and hessian bags.

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