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Signet commits to sustainable packaging future with Ranpak machinery and packaging consumables

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article image Ranpak FillPak requires only 10% of the storage space required when compared to alternative void fill
Signet is dedicated to providing its customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. As a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant under its Winson parent company, Signet strives to have a positive impact on the way Australian packaging consumers contribute to the environment.

One way Signet is making a difference is by giving customers new solutions to void fill and protect their goods using products that are not only sustainable, but are also cost effective for them. One solution lies in the Ranpak range of machinery and packaging consumables, which has been designed with the aim of promoting more sustainable packaging practices.

One way to promote more sustainable practices lies in developing a void fill solution that requires minimal storage space when compared to other products available in the market for void filling and protection. To put it into context, one pallet of Ranpak FillPak void fill is the equivalent to a truckload of plastic air bags. This minimised space requirement also translates to lower emissions through reduced transporting costs.

Most alternatives to traditional void fill are petroleum based plastic materials that are not renewable and possess qualities that make them difficult to recycle. Environmental benefits of Ranpak packaging products extend to reducing environmental impacts towards the end of the packaging consumable use cycle, as Ranpak products are 100% recyclable.

With growing demand for packaging Australia-wide and the increasing costs, Signet is committed to providing cost-effective solutions to customers whilst maintaining a strong environmental focus.

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