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Signet bubble wrap and void fill packaging materials protect goods in storage or transit

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Signet  offers a wide range of bubble wrap and void fill packaging solutions that protect goods during storage or transit.

Once goods leave the warehouse, there is no guarantee they will receive the same sensitive treatment. A loading dock or depot can be a busy and fast-paced environment where goods can be dropped, bumped, vibrated or impacted, potentially causing damage.

Packaging materials such as bubble wrap and void fill come in extremely handy as they can offer assured protection and padding to goods during storage or transit.

While bubble wrap provides a good source of stress-relief, it is also a great way to pad and protect goods from shock and vibration damage. Bubble wrap goes beyond the standard type to more specialised options.

Types of Signet bubble wraps:

  • Slit Bubble: Pre-slit rolls for added convenience
  • E Bubble: Made from 80% recycled material for the environmentally-conscious
  • Anti-Static Bubble: Prevents static charge during handling and protects sensitive electronics from electrostatic discharge, shock and vibration
  • BubbleWrap IQ: Designed with less materials making it a significantly lighter option that helps to reduce overall shipping weight
  • Soft Cell Bubble Wrap: Features a 4mm bubble size making it an excellent alternative to lightweight packaging foam
Signet also offers various packaging options:

  • Instapak Quick RT: Handy foam packaging that moulds around the items to provide complete protection
  • Fill-Air Cyclone: Inflatable air pockets
  • NewAir I.B.: Inflatable bubble wrap is an economical option to conventional bubble wrap, and requires less space to store
  • Loose Fill Packaging (Mic Pac): Also known as packing peanuts, they offer a light and anti-static solution for cushioning
Automatic void fill and protection options:

  • FillPak TT: Feeds out continuous pre-scrunched paper ready for packaging
  • PadPak: Folds and creases recycled paper to create a cushion effect; great for wrapping, blocking, bracing and coiling

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