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Signet introduces their new range of non-flammable marking sprays designed specifically for use in fire-sensitive conditions.

Well known in the manufacturing, construction and mining industries as a reliable supplier of goods, Signet presents a selection of over 170 new products in their new catalogue including Geo non-flammable marking sprays.

Signet Geo non-flammable marking sprays provide a safe solution for marking in conditions where safety is a critical factor such as in underground mines and other fire-sensitive environments.

The 400g marking spray cans contain a 360º nozzle that allows users to spray in any direction. Customers also have the option of choosing between a vertical/inverted spraying can and a horizontal spraying can, making them suitable for different users.

Similar to the Signet Geo spray range, the non-flammable marking sprays are available in a choice of colours including fluoro red, fluoro orange and flouro pink for brighter marking on all surfaces.

The Geo brand of marking products has been developed and manufactured by Signet at their Brisbane manufacturing plant, which is accredited by NATA for technical competence.

Signet delivers their comprehensive range of products across Australia with overnight delivery available for customers in the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas. 

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26/11/2013 - Our safety cards (Material Safety Data Sheets) are all displayed on our website available for download. Head to www.signet.net.au

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