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Padpak void filling system for cushioning and protection available from Signet

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article image Padpak void filling system for cushioning and protection

No matter what users are shipping, whether they want to simply fill empty spaces in boxes, or need protection for fragile products, Signet can supply users with the renowned Ranpak paper packaging products, a versatile, environmentally friendly and cheaper void filling solution.

Using Ranpak’s FillPak product for filling voids in boxes or the Padpak system for cushioning and protection is a cost effective and efficient way to protect the goods.

Ranpak products require minimal warehouse space. They provide product protection and being made of recycled paper are environmentally friendly. RanPak’s FillPak TT System has taken the Australian void-fill market by storm, saving thousands of warehouses money by using FillPak TT’s recycled brown paper instead of the common alternatives, expensive air bags and messy loose fill.

Both of these alternatives have the disadvantage of taking up extra space in the warehouse space that could be used efficiently. They are also labour intensive to use and are non-recyclable. In contrast, the Fillpak TT machine fits neatly onto any packing bench and creates a smarter, more productive packing operation. It can be tailored to the individual needs, being designed to fold paper to fill the empty space in a package.

Larger machines are even available for higher volume users and can be set up to be used automatically on a conveyer/production line. The FillPak TT is also Capex free. And if users are currently using loose fill, the customers will no longer having to deal with the mess that comes with it. All they have to do is place the paper in their recycling bin and the cycle starts again.

If the packaging needs extend beyond simply void-filling, and requires cushioning to perhaps protect fragile or heavy products from damage, then RanPak’s Flag Ship product PadPak will reduce the costs, while also doing an amazing cushioning job.

In fact, PadPak is a great replacement for expensive, space-hogging and environmentally unfriendly bubble wrap. By recommending PadPak to their customers, Signet has been successful in assisting suppliers in many different industries to save money and storage space and to protect merchandise such as fragile cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gift supplies, spare parts and pumps.

The PadPak machine crimps layers of recycled paper together, trapping air inside to form a cushioning pad. One pad or multiple pads can be configured to automatically meet the unique requirements of the products. It is so versatile that it can accommodate many different packing applications whether small, large, extra fragile, or extra heavy.

Just like the FillPack voidfill machines, the PadPak machines are available to use on the premises and are Capex free. Signet is offering their customers a free trial of the Ranpak system so they can see the cost savings and productivity gains.

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