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Packaging tape adhesive guide: What's right for you

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Signet’s packaging tape adhesive guide explains the performance characteristics of different adhesive types on packaging tapes, helping the user select the most suitable adhesive for specific applications.

The performance of a packaging tape depends on its application environment. Different packaging tapes are available for use in environments ranging from hot, dusty and dry warehouses to cold and wet cool rooms or freezers. 

The adhesive is one of the most important components of a packaging tape and can range from rubber adhesives and synthetic rubber adhesives to water based and solvent based acrylic adhesives.

Rubber Adhesive

One of the most common types of adhesive, the high-tack adhesive offers a medium level of adhesion. 

Good for general purpose applications, rubber adhesives are ideal for recycled cardboard, and recommended for use in normal temperature environments. Poor performance in very low temperatures is a major disadvantage, making it unsuitable for application or storage in cold rooms and freezers.

Signet products: Signet’s Own Packaging Tape or Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, Vibac P30 Packaging Tape or Tesa 4263 Packaging Tape. 

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

Synthetic adhesives have been developed in an effort to conserve natural compounds such as rubber. Offering a higher level of adhesion when compared to natural rubber, synthetic rubber adhesives are reliable in general purpose applications, and recommended for use in normal temperature environments.

Not as high-tack as natural rubber, the synthetic adhesive is not suitable for low temperatures.

Signet products:
Signet’s Own Hot Melt Tape, 3M 370 & 371 Packaging Tapes.

Water Based Acrylic

Specially designed for superior performance on items that are stored or transported in low temperatures such as freezers and cold rooms, water based acrylic adhesives are ideal for applying and storing in cold environments, and suit lighter cartons and parcels.

This adhesive does not offer the same tack as natural or synthetic rubbers.

Signet products: Signet’s Own Acrylic Packaging Tape or Tesa 4262 Acrylic Packaging Tape. 

Solvent Based Acrylic

Often described as aggressive as they frequently perform better when compared to other adhesives, solvent based acrylic adhesives are good for general purpose applications. This adhesive tape is available in red, green, white, blue, yellow, orange or black, and suitable for cool or warm environments. 

This tape is not available in standard clear or brown.

Signet products: Tesa 64204 Coloured Tape.

Signet also offers machine tapes, masking tape, printed warning tape, filament tape, 3M’s VHB tape range, double-sided foam and tissue tape, transfer tape, duct tape, gaffer tape, cloth tape, and framing, sign mounting and electrical tape. 

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