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Finding the right tape dispenser should be quick and easy. Signet offer a wide range of tape dispensers for a multitude of applications.


Tape dispensers for industrial and manufacturing applications

  • Ezi-Load Tape Dispenser - Like the name suggests, this dispenser is popular due to its easy-to-load design. Along with being fast to load, it is lightweight and designed to fit any 48mm wide tapes
  • Magnum Tape Dispenser - The Magnum Tape Dispenser is one of the most popular tape dispensers as it is strong and sturdy, and is designed with an adjustable brake for easy tensioning. This dispenser is available in a 50mm size for 48mm wide tapes, or in a 75mm size for 72mm tape
  • Tear Drop Dispenser - The Tear Drop Dispenser is a popular alternative to the standard pistol grip style as it protects your tape from nicks and cuts. It is made out of metal so is sturdy, durable and long lasting. This dispenser is available in a 38mm size and 50mm size
  • Noise Reduction Tape Dispenser - This tape dispenser is perfect for those who need to minimise the noise produced by adhesive tapes for quick and quiet taping and sealing. It is available in a 50mm size
  • Safety Tape Dispenser - The Safety Tape Dispenser is specially designed to minimise accidents in fast-paced environments like warehouses or production lines. It features a retracting blade which reduces blade damage and also cuts tape more cleanly. The dispenser is made of a combination of sturdy steel and high impact plastic with an adjustable tension control. It is available in a 50mm size

In addition to tape dispensers, Signet offer a wide range of packaging tapes for the manufacturing industry.

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