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Filament Tapes from Signet

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Signet  offers a speciality range of packaging tapes called filament tapes that use continuous fibreglass strands in longitudinal and horizontal directions across a polypropylene backing film.

Signet’s filament tapes feature a high tack adhesive specially formulated to provide strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including metallic, plastic, fibreboard and lumber.

The versatility of these adhesive tapes allows their use in diverse industries. Signet filament tapes are available in two varieties: single strand tapes and cross woven tapes.

Key applications of Signet filament tapes:

  • Used in the paper industry as a heavy duty splicing agent
  • Bundling of metal pipes, rods, conduit and planks in the construction and building industries
  • More economically efficient than other bundling tapes
  • Ensures boxes remain closed for a long time in the packaging industry
  • High tape strength from fibreglass strands increases security compared to regular packaging tapes
The low elongation of 3% ensures that bundles are kept tight. Additionally less tape is required for applications where high tensile is needed.

Filament tapes also perform well when exposed to the outdoors and humid environments. The fibreglass filaments ensure that the tape is kept moisture-resistant.

Signet offers filament tapes in a range of sizes from 12mm to 48mm in single strand or cross woven options. Multiple size options ensure a wide selection for customers, allowing them to choose the tape that meets their needs.

Signet also offers a range of shipping, mailing and pallet cartons.

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