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Custom solutions to revolutionise your warehouse

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Custom packaging solutions from Signet help improve brand recognition for any business.

Signet also offers storage, despatch and safety solutions to help optimise warehouse operations. Customising them has many advantages for a business as it ensures processes are consistent, efficient and optimised while ensuring the company still reaps branding benefits. 

Signet’s custom solutions for warehouse optimisation include custom hard hats, custom signs, custom doculopes and custom stencils. 

Custom Hard Hats

Categorised as protective wear items, custom hard hats provide ultimate head comfort and safety, and come in vented or unvented options. Available in a range of sizes, the helmets can be supplied with the company’s logo printed up to four times using 4-colour printing, so that the branding is visible from all angles.

Colour options for the custom hard hats include white, yellow, fluoro yellow, orange, fluoro orange, grey, red, green, watermelon and blue. These helmets are certified to AS/NZS 1801:1997 standards and geared for comfort and balance with a lightweight, 6 point Terylene harness. 

Custom Signs

Signs enhance clarity and safety in any area or process for visitors as well as employees. Signet can customise any industry standard sign, or the customer can design their own. Custom signs can be made in COLORBOND metal or polypropylene in a variety of sizes and layouts. Industry standard signs are available to indicate hazard, notice, prohibition, mandatory, danger, warning and safety first messages. Customers can also specify text and background colour.

Custom Doculopes

Customising doculopes (also known as ‘invoice enclosed’ slips) will give a company’s despatch process the benefit of a plain or printed doculope with the added advantage of displaying their logo and name. This branding tool establishes a company as professional with an efficient despatch process.
Custom doculopes are available in white or red with the customised section featuring black text on a yellow background for high visibility. 

Custom Stencils

Signet’s custom stencils can greatly improve a company’s storage, despatch and labelling processes. Custom stencils can be used for just about anything from labelling products and pallets, to marking areas in the warehouse or on vehicles. In addition to text and numerals, custom stencils can also display the company name and logo for added branding.

Stencils are available in three different materials to meet the customer’s preferences: mylar, blue poly and zinc. The customer can select the size of the characters and design the overall layout. Signet also offers high quality aerosol stencil spray in 13 different colours.

In addition to custom warehouse solutions and custom packaging solutions, Signet offers custom branders, sigtags, tags and timber wrap.

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