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Custom solutions from Signet to improve branding

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Signet  offers a wide range of custom solutions to help companies improve their branding.

Branding in today’s economy sets the foundation for business success. A key part of branding is consistency and making sure that everything that leaves the office or warehouse reflects the quality of that company, down to the last box or parcel.

As a leading Australian packaging manufacturer, Signet is not only experienced in the supply of packaging and despatch consumables, but also has a wide range of custom work capabilities specialising in custom tape, labels and cartons.

Custom Cartons

Customised shipping cartons offer several advantages including getting the required size and style of carton to suit the product to be packaged. For instance, one can customise the shape of the carton to suit an awkwardly shaped item and even brand the cartons with custom printing plates made specifically for the order.

Custom Tape

A custom printed tape combines the benefits of everyday packaging tape with the company’s branding, making it a great promotional tool. Featuring the company’s name, logo or artwork, the custom tape can be customised in PVC or polypropylene material in white, red, yellow, orange, brown or clear options with 1- or 2-colour printing. Custom printed tape can carry anything from a company’s name and logo to event-related information or any promotional message.

Custom Labels

Custom labels come in two types - plain labels and despatch labels. Plain labels are completely customisable, available in a range of sizes and colours, and can be used for storage, shipping, instructional or branding purposes. Despatch labels can be helpful for the freight/despatch process while offering space for company branding at the bottom.

Custom labels are available in fluoro colours (green, pink, red, yellow and orange) or white. Fluoro labels are printed in black ink, though white labels can be printed in black, blue, green or red, and the company logos or graphics can be printed for a once-off artwork charge.

Signet also offers custom branders, doculopes, hard hats, signs, sigtags, stencils, tags and timber wrap.

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