Creative uses for Cardboard Boxes

by Signet
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Signet is one of Australia’s leading packaging suppliers, offering everything from cartons and tape to stretch film and strapping. Cardboard boxes are a versatile and affordable product, making them one of Signet's best selling items, with applications in a wide array of industries.

Cardboard boxes can be used in so many different ways. While they are primarily a packaging product, there are some more creative uses you may not have thought of. From the office to your home, from kids to hobbies, there are so many different ideas that you will find a use for every spare box in the house.

Signet also stocks the tools you need to make the transformation. Cardboard boxes are available in standard cardboard brown, or white for a stylish look, though with a range of paints, markers and films you can easily change the colour of the box to suit its new use.

You can also find a range of scissors, cutters, tapes and glues to make the new shapes, markers to write on the box or wire to give it shape.

The following infographic offers 31 unusual uses for cartons. With one for every day of the month, why not try to apply them in your life? Signet information and contact details


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