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Alarm monitoring services from Signature Security Group

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Signature Security Group  believes a security system is only as effective as the service and support provided by its alarm monitoring station.

Within Australia, it is important to find out if an alarm monitoring station is graded and registered by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

Alarm monitoring stations are graded according to their internal security, their monitoring system integrity and their alarm action time.

Building services and construction are graded on a scale from A to C (A being most resistant to attack). Operation, equipment and staff are graded on a scale from 1 to 3 (1 having the highest performance). The most secure and technically capable stations are designated Grade A1.

Both of Signature Security's Alarm Response Centres (ARCs), in Australia are A1-Graded.

All of Signature Security's staff engaged in security work are licensed under appropriate State Law and in New Zealand, checks are made with the Justice Department.

Signature Security's Grade A1 Alarm Response Centre has many features:

  • Being a free standing structure
  • Visitor viewing area
  • Voice recording of phone lines
  • Full system backup and redundancy files
  • Emergency power supplies serving all system functions
  • Bi-directional communications to field operations
  • Emergency lights and respiratory equipment
  • Voice record logging and 5-years event retention
  • Full automatic fire protection system and extinguishers
  • Two staff on duty at all times
  • Direct lines to emergency services
  • Backup alarm receiving equipment
  • Continuous monitoring by another Grade A1 monitoring station
  • Ability to function in the event of an attack against their premises or systems

With Signature Security Group, not only are Grade A1 alarm monitoring standards are met. This is achieved through Signature Security Group’s faster alarm monitoring response times, superior customer service and enhanced computing capabilities.

Furthermore, Signature Security Group has met the Grade A1 alarm monitoring standards by providing 5-years event retention available at a keystrokes notice.

With all of these features of the Signature Alarm Response Centre, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year your home or business are constantly being protected.

Bureau alarm monitoring

Many existing security companies utilise Signature Security's bureau alarm monitoring service.

Signature Security's bureau alarm monitoring service allows security companies without internal monitoring resources to offer an end to end service to their customers.

Typically, this involves Signature Security providing an out-sourced alarm monitoring service where we effectively become an extension of your business.

This allows you to focus on your core business of selling, installing and servicing security equipment while you and your customers can benefit from the quality of our bureau alarm monitoring service.

Outsourced alarm monitoring

Similar in nature to bureau alarm monitoring, Signature Security's outsourced monitoring solutions provides larger corporations who have existing internal security alarm monitoring capabilities with a cost effective and high quality out-sourced alarm monitoring alternative.

Communication formats

What happens if the lines are cut? Signature Security knows that peace of mind is of the upmost importance to your home and business.

Signature Security Group provides several different options for communication between your system and its Alarm Response Centre to ensure any alarm signal is responded to immediately.

Dialler alarm monitoring

Standard Line Alarm Monitoring - the alarm signal is sent via a standard phone line. There is no protection if the phone line is tampered with. Refer to Dual Path alarm monitoring or Securitel alarm monitoring for higher forms of communication to minimise risk.

Securitel alarm monitoring

Securitel alarm monitoring uses a standard phone line to communicate alarm signals. The benefit of Securitel alarm monitoring is that should the phones fail or the lines be cut, alarm response will still occur.

The phone line will send a signal to the monitoring station every 15-45 seconds.

If the signal is not received, it is treated as an alarm activation, the control room will then take action as per your predetermined instructions. Securitel is not available in all areas and will depend on both the size of the exchange and whether or not it has been upgraded to digital dialling.

Dual Path Alarm Monitoring

Utilising both the standard telephone line and existing mobile phone network. The Signature Security Dual path system allows alarm monitoring communication regardless if the wireless or hardwire line becomes faulty or is tampered with.

Signature Security Group’s Alarm Response Centre is automatically notified if your line becomes faulty. Your premises remain secure and your line integrity is assured.

GSM / GPRS Alarm Monitoring

Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) alarm monitoring utilises the mobile phone network in order to carry your alarm signals in the event that your standard phone line connection is unavailable.

This can be used as either your primary connection line or as a back up in the event the telephone lines are cut or phone lines are experiencing a power failure.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) alarm monitoring is a standard wireless communication that supports a wide range of bandwidths. It is an efficient use of limited bandwidths and is particularly suited for sending and receiving small bursts and large volumes of data.

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