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Access Control and Biometrics

For businesses where security is crucial, Access Control and Biometrics allows only authorised individuals or vehicles to enter, exit and gain contact to resources.

Access Control and Biometrics is a powerful technology that can enhance the overall effectiveness of a security solution.

The real benefit lies in the ability to integrate it with other systems - Access Control and Biometrics is often combined with CCTV Cameras or intercom to identify the movement of people or vehicles.

Both Access Cards and Biometrics can be used to control the movement of people and vehicles into or out of an area or building.

Access Card Reader

Being similar in size to a credit card, an access card, also known as a proximity card can identify individuals and allow access and egress to a pre-defined area by simply scanning the access card in front of the proximity card reader.

The proximity card reader then analyses the data stored in the access cards and determines whether the user has authorised entry based on access level, date and/or time.

The reader then stores the information and records the activity for future reference or reports.

This type of system can monitor individuals’ access, protect employees and provide full activity reports. Access control software is password protected and allows administrator access to particular programs, networks or drives.


Rather than using a physical access card to gain entry and exit into premises, Biometrics uses unique human characteristics to identify the person seeking entry to a controlled area.

For example, a finger can be placed on a reader and the Biometrics Access Control system can identify the unique characteristics of the fingerprint.

The Biometrics reader can then regulate entry permitting only authorised users access to an area.

Biometrics can remove the worry involved with stolen, loaned or lost electronic access cards by using an individual's distinguishing features to prevent unauthorised access.

Signature Security Group, one of the largest electronic security providers in Australia and New Zealand, offer a range of Access Cards, Access Card Readers and Biometrics.

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