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Universal application module for Simatic controller

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article image Simatic S7 application module -- suitable for high dynamic motion control.

THE new FM 458-1 DP application module for the Simatic-S7-400 controller from Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) is especially suitable for high dynamic motion control and the control of speed-synchronous and position-synchronous linear and rotary axes.

As the first Simatic application module, it solves technological tasks like counting, measuring, and positioning and, at the same time, it integrates functions for closed-loop control and cam control.

Other possible applications are the synchronisation of drives in multi-axis applications as well as closed-loop controls for winders or hydraulic systems.

Simatic FM 458-1 DP has a modular design and consists of a basic module with integral Profibus interface. The basic module is supplemented by up to two expansion modules, depending on the focus of the application.

Available for this purpose are an I/O module with a variety of analogue and digital interfaces, and a communications processor with a further Profibus interface and a Simolink interface.

The Step 7 Standard Engineering Tools are used for project management and configuring the hardware. For example, the graphics tools CFC (Continuous Function Charts) and SFC (Sequential Function Charts) are used for configuring.

More than 300 function modules that can be combined as required make it especially easy for users to solve their individual automation tasks. A powerful code generator compiles the finished function charts into fast machine code.

With fast processing speed, high computing capacity, and positioning accuracy, the module offers sampling times from 100 microseconds. This enables accurate closed-loop control even at fast clock-pulse rates - the prerequisite for dynamic motion control.

The Profibus DP interface of the FM module now also enables "isochronous cycle times". Input and output data are always processed at identical intervals.

Also new is the system function "isochrone mode" with which dynamic processes can be controlled even more safely and accurately. The basic module and the user program as well as the I/O are synchronised to the common Profibus cycle with the new function.

Both new functions are of advantage, for example, in setting up synchro systems or for strictly cyclic coordination of non-linear drive movements. Drives can also be connected using the high-speed Simolink fibre optic ring.

The new module also supports routing. Access to all bus nodes for diagnostics or Teleservice purposes is via MPI (Multi-Point-Interface), Profibus DP or, optionally, industrial Ethernet.

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